16 Textbook Masterpieces Drawn by Bored Students

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When a class seems to last forever, you have nothing to do but make it a little bit brighter yourself.
We collected 16 artistic masterpieces created by students in their textbooks.

16. When you love music more than history.

15. Math stimulates imagination and helps develop spatial thinking.

14. Only a true artist can see a bird in his hair.

13. Thus, a boring portrait turns into an action hero.

12. When you just gotta dance.

11. And then someone blew a fan.

10. Any respectable samurai should be able to take a good selfie.

9. Just about anyone should, in fact.

8. A fresh view on regular exercises.

7. Anything can happen when swimming.

6. When there’s still half an hour before lunch but you’re already hungry.

5. Arcane symbols and magic signs can reanimate even the most boring of lessons.

4. The food chain.

3. CDs are extinct like the dinosaurs — it’s all the artist wanted to say.

2. Be careful when doing PE.

1. Any baseball team would be flattered to have this player with them.


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