6 Things You Want In Your 20’s Vs 30’s

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Paul Westover is an illustrator and designer from Buffalo, NY who contributes fascinating comics for CollegeHumor.

With his series “Things You Want in Your 20’s vs 30’s” he has once again put up a mirror to almost everyone in that age gap. All the things Paul draws and captions you will know only too well and have probably thought about a lot already. Check out these brilliant six comics – in them, you might see yourselves as you will be in several years time, or as you’ve been once.

1. Enjoying clubbing with handsome people vs Enjoying replying to all of your unread emails

2. Believing you will never becoming part of a machine vs Being grateful that you are allowed to be a small screw

3. Being able to achieve results with almost effort but doing nothing vs Putting in a lot of effort but not achieving any results

4. Thinking that you will be happier somewhere else vs Realizing happiness comes from within

5. Love is exciting because it’s crazy and radical vs Love is exciting because it’s calm and practical

6. Worrying about accidentally getting pregnant vs Worrying that you’ll never start a family and that you’re only days away from living alone with your teeth in a glass


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