9 Japanese School Rules That Are Shocking, But True

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Schools differ a lot from each other, but schools from different countries are a total mass of varieties. While Japanese people are beautiful and fashionable, like the little girl who is an Instagram fashion star, they are not allowed to be fashionable at school. Japan schools have pretty strict rules, and you must obey them if you want to remain a student. That’s why they have one of the best school systems in the world. Here are some facts you probably didn’t know about Japanese schools.

1. You can’t have your favorite hairstyle at school

It’s because children might be distracted by their hair. Boys have to have a simple cut with no styling or layering.

Girls, on the other hand, can have their hair long or tie it up if they want. But styling it is not allowed in any way.

2. No good appearances are allowed

Children in Japanese schools are told to focus only on their education. Girls are not allowed to wear makeup, paint their nails, or shave their legs.

3. No relationships at school

This is tough when you have a crush on someone from your class. If you were there, you would never be able to act on your feelings, because relationships are strictly banned in Japanese schools. According to teachers, Japanese students are too young to think about that topic.

4. No substitute teachers

If a teacher is absent or sick, then the class that teacher was supposed to take is not assigned to a different teacher. Instead, the students are alone in class studying on their own. Could you imagine this in a European or American school? Downright impossible! In Japan, this is not a problem due to the great discipline that the students have.

5. Greetings are a must

In the morning, it is necessary for every student to greet the teacher in their class. For some schools, it is tradition to start the day off with some meditation, so the students have some positive energy in them before they start their long day.

6. You are not allowed to be late

It is strictly against school rules to come to school late unless there is an urgent situation. Although this is true for many schools, it is worth noting that Japanese students are extremely punctual. Also, they will usually stay late after school for extracurricular activities or extra classes.

7. Uniforms are necessary

Every school has a similar uniform in Japan. Boys are required to wear black suits, whereas girls are required to wear plaid skirts.

8. They have one break in the middle of the term

Their only break is the 5-week summer break, which comes in the middle of the term.

9. You can’t bring food from home.

The school provides food for the students and it can be either a bowl of rice, fish, or soup. Students are actually punished if they don’t finish every bite of their food.


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