15 Models Who Look Exactly Like Disney Heroines

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Have you ever thought what would happen if Disney characters and high fashion came together?

We carried out an imaginary casting session among the stars of the catwalk. We selected 15 models who, in our opinion, would be great in the roles of our favorite storybook characters.
Doutzen Kroes as Cinderella

Sasha Luss as Princess Kida


Lily Aldridge as Pocahontas

Kendall Jenner as Snow White

Patrycja Gardygajlo as The Evil Queen

Miranda Kerr as Belle

Liu Wen as Mulan

Cara Delevingne as Tinker Bell

Elsa Hosk as Alice in Wonderland

Bhumika Arora as Princess Jasmine

Barbara Meier as Ariel

Maria Borges as Tiana

Josephine Skriver as Aurora

Candice Swanepoel as Elsa

Lily Cole as Merida


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