13 Girly Things Men Secretly Love

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Love for adorable cats, romantic comedies, and all sorts of cosmetic stuff are usually believed to be exclusively inherent to women. But this is not always the case. Many representatives of the stronger half of humanity are also very sensitive deep down, although they are often embarrassed to say this.
What other “girly” things do men do? Bright Side collected the most interesting confessions on this topic, published on Reddit.com.

13. Sometimes men like to gossip. Other people should know how naughty their wife is!

12. Many men like to go shopping. But — shh!

11. Sexy dances are their thing. Especially if they have a couple of drinks beforehand.

10. Men firmly believe that there’s nothing better after a difficult day than a bubble bath and a glass of wine!

9. Many men wash their face with more than plain water.

8. They adore standing with their hands on their hips. Did you notice?

7. Men have a weakness for girlish cocktails with pieces of fruit. After all, they’re such dessert lovers!

6. They will use the contents of a woman’s cosmetic bag. After all, shower gels, shampoos, and lotions smell so delicious!

5. Men also watch romantic comedies. And, to be honest, from time to time they shed a tear…

4. You can be sure that men won’t deny themselves the pleasure of creating a great photo.

3. You think dramatic eye rolling is exclusively a woman’s habit? It’s not!

2. Men also sing into their hairbrush or the showerhead. When there’s no one else around, of course.

1. Cuddles. Men may not tell you this, but cuddling, as with any form of nice human contact, is proven to prolong life and, definitely, give you joy.


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