3 Truths About C-Section Mothers That Everyone Should Know

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Being a mother is never an easy task: it comes with many responsibilities, efforts, and huge rewards. That is why we  want to encourage those great women who have gone through a Caesarean section to proudly wear their “mark of happiness.”

C-section birth requires an immense amount of courage and strength, and only a woman and a mother can deal with it in a heroic and admirable way. Here are 3 truths that only women who have had a C-section know.

1. They bravely face the consequences of surgical intervention

You may think that a Caesarean section, also known as a C-section, is a common procedure, but it’s considered to be a major surgery. And, like other types of major surgeries, C-sections also carry risks for both mother and child.

In addition, it is very difficult for the future father or family members to be present in the operating room during the birth. They can be alone, without the possibility of receiving support, and full of uncertainty.

There can be no better example of battle than that where fear and loneliness struggle internally against the strength, will, and unconditional love these women endure just to receive that beautiful baby.

2. They don’t know if everything is okay until they leave the operating room

In these cases, the risk does not end with the birth of the baby. As in every surgery, doctors can’t determine if everything has been successful until the anesthesia has worn off.

In addition, there is a detail that few people know. During a C-section the mother is conscious — she does not feel pain, but she does feel all the movement that occurs inside her. It is an unpleasant, invasive feeling, and, if you are not previously aware of it, it can be traumatic. Even so, they go through it with their heads held high because they know the reward is great.

3. They go through their post-cesarean recovery as true heroines

When a child is born, the world of a mother revolves around them and she complies with their demands without question. This requires a predisposition and logistics which are often exhausting. Imagine doing all that with pain. Yes, with a lot of pain and discomfort that is an inevitable part of the recovery process following the surgery.

This makes them even stronger, crossing the pain threshold and developing an inner strength that is only compared to the strength of another mother.

No matter how hard it is, they do it with a smile and with all the love in the world. Because every sleepless minute, every diaper they change, every smile and possibility to hold that little hand, feel their breath, and that wonderful newborn baby smell justifies it. That is the reason why they are in this world, to make that small extension of themselves happy.

We applaud each and every one of these mothers who are marked with a scar that allows them to never forget what they are made of. So, dear mothers, carry that beautiful mark with pride. Do not hide it, do not disguise it, because not every woman has that privilege.


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