8 Things It’s Better to Avoid Wearing on a Plane

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Whether you are choosing an outfit for a short or a long-distance flight, it is important that you feel comfortable and at the same time stay out of trouble.

We at Bright Side collected some tips from flight attendants and fellow travelers about things not to wear on a plane. Read until the end to find a bonus and figure out which clothes can stop your journey right at the airplane door.

8. Perfume

While flying, you will be in a small but packed area. Avoid heavy perfumes for the sake of your fellow passengers. A prevailing number of people find scented products on others irritating, and there could also be people with allergies and asthma on the flight.

7. Tight clothes

Avoid tight clothes, especially when your flight is longer than 4 hours. People on a long-distance flight are at a risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis). DVT is a blood clot that forms in a deep vein, usually in the leg. To prevent it, wear special compression socks and loose comfortable clothes, and walk around whenever you can.

6. Complicated items

Airplane bathrooms are tiny. If you are wearing a jumpsuit, you will have a hard time trying to take it off. Instead, wear something which is not likely to cause difficulties in this small space. Clothes with a lot of buttons and zippers won’t make your flight experience the most comfortable one.

5. Clothes or jewelry containing metal

It is no surprise that shoes with large metal adornments or jewelry with metal can slow your progress through security. What is unexpected is that some sparkling sweaters might have metallic threads woven into them. While you can easily remove shoes if needed, removing a sweater might be more difficult.

4. Summer clothes

Even when you are flying to a warm country and are tempted to pick a summer outfit for your flight, don’t forget that the temperature in the plane can be surprisingly cold. Having multiple layers of clothes on is essential for a comfortable journey.

3. Contact lenses

In an aircraft, the average humidity can get as low as 20%, which will make your lenses dry out and cause irritation in your eyes. If you have a long flight, it is recommended that you take your lenses out, especially if you are going to sleep.

2. High heels

Airport security will ask you to remove your shoes. Not only can heels potentially be used to store prohibited items, they have a metal construction base, which will definitely set off the alarm. Nobody likes standing in bare feet on an airport floor. Moreover, your feet might swell during the flight, so tight shoes should be avoided.

1. T-shirts with offensive text

You won’t believe this, but there are people who were banned from boarding a plane because of the way they were dressed. The reasons can be multiple: too much cleavage, a low-cut dress, saggy pants, an offensive T-shirt, bare feet, or even leggings when flying on an airline’s employee pass. While some of these decisions are debatable, try to stay reasonable when choosing your outfit.


Even if you are a star and follow the rules, you can still be stopped by security and thoroughly searched. This is exactly what happened to Kim Kardashian in LA.

Going on a trip is an exciting experience! Share with us your personal choice of flight outfit and any airport experiences connected with the wrong choice of clothes.


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