8 Pieces of Advice From People Who Found Their True Love Online

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What if it’s true that a person can only have one perfect partner? What if that person was born on the other side of the globe? As recently as a couple of decades ago, the chances were that you’d never know they existed. The opportunity to meet new people online has made the lives of single people a great deal easier, but this opportunity needs to be used wisely.

Bright Side has collected the most popular recommendations from dating apps and website users.

1. Don’t rush things.

Don’t expect to immediately find your love and feel the desire to start a family. Love at the first message doesn’t exist. You need to have a real date (and more than one) to get to know each other.

But there’s a huge number of people on dating apps and websites. How do you choose someone to meet up with out of this multitude?

2. Choose the right photo.

Tinder sociologist Jessica Carbino revealed the kinds of photos that attract potential partners the most:

3. Fill your profile with interesting information.

The second most important step is filling in your profile. Take this task seriously: the more information about yourself and your hobbies you reveal, the higher the chance you’ll be contacted by someone who is interested in the same things. You will immediately have some common ground.

4. Show initiative.

Write immediately. Don’t wait for your love interest to message you first. You have an aim: to meet an interesting person. So why lose time? Perhaps they’re awfully shy or it’s their first experience of online dating. And if they don’t reply, you can safely look for someone else. Don’t waste your time by waiting.

Try not to compare your former partners with your online dates, and don’t refuse to meet them just because they are “not your type.” Let’s be honest: it didn’t work out with someone who was “your type,” and that is why you are here. Perhaps your preferences are worth reconsidering.

5. Set up a real-life meeting as early as possible.

If your socializing doesn’t go offline for too long even though you want it to, it’s better to find out the reason at once. Maybe your romantic interest is busy, sick, or doesn’t know what to start with. Or maybe they can’t carve out time for a date with you because there is someone else.

6. Estimate the risks.

Don’t dash headlong to the airport just because your chosen one dropped a hint that they wouldn’t mind you coming. You can find yourself in a very nasty situation in a foreign country with a broken heart and no money.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Arguably the only question it’s best not to ask is how many rendezvous your date has had with other dating app or website users. You can’t predict his or her reaction to this question, and your date might not go as smoothly as you’d like it to.

8. Take it easy.

Don’t judge too harshly — you don’t owe anything to each other yet. Remember that you can’t always have perfect dates. Don’t take it too seriously, and don’t despair after the first failure. Remember that all people are different and that there’s a huge number of them online. But all of them are pursuing the same goal as you: love.

If you have something to share from your own experience of online dating, don’t hesitate to do so in the comments section!

Illustrated by Natalia Breeva for BrightSide.me


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