20 Misleading Photos Where It’s Hard to Unsee What You Have Already Seen

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Have you ever seen a cat with a machine gun? You’re about to. All it takes these days is just the click of a button and your camera will document everything around you. However, sometimes the play of light, shadows, and lines creates the most unexpected effect.

Bright Side collected a few photographs that contain some hidden meanings that you won’t be able to forget. There is a bonus for you at the end of the article — a few shots from the professional photographer Jonathan Higbee who specializes in occasional coincidences.

20. Are these puppies or fried chicken?

19. Oh, it’s just a bag.

18. Nice tights!

17. Now, this is creepy…

16. It seems like this wine is a warning that drinking is bad for your health.

15. “Um, well, hello.”

14. “It looks like someone is already taking my bath.”

13. If you look attentively, you’ll see a cat in deep thought — wondering how he got to where he is today.

12. Whatever hair spray he’s using — I need it.

11. This cat looks as if he’s holding a tiny machine gun:

10. I don’t think I want to drink this cocktail…

9. I’m sorry that I dropped you. Just please stop looking at me like that…

8. Sometimes you just have to unleash your inner unicorn…

7. Due to the incredibly transparent water, it looks like the mattress is floating in the air.

6. Bond. James Ant Bond.

5. When you’ve spotted annoying paparazzi:

4. This is a very rare deer-dog:

3. A potato looks at you as if it understands what’s going to happen but it trusts you completely. The mixer looks at the potato as if it doesn’t understand how it could mash potatoes into this shapeless paste. A tragedy of inanimate relations.

2. When you’re incredibly cool and you know it:

1. “Nothing unusual, just a shadow of a cat. Wait a minute, I don’t have a cat…”

Bonus: casual coincidences from a New York photographer, Jonathan Higbee.

If you were once lucky enough to take a good shot, don’t hesitate to share it with us. We’d love to see them!

Preview photo credit juyouqu, imgur.com


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