26 Photos That Will Hardly Be the Same When You Give Them a Second Look

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People are used to perceiving the surrounding world without even thinking about it. Our brain tries to save its energy and stamina for truly important work. That’s why our eyes can often fool us. And the authors of these photos understood what was going on only when they took a closer look.

There are so many optical illusions. Bright Side tried to gather the most interesting, crazy, and incredible ones to share with our readers.

“This chicken nugget looks like a whole baked chicken.”

“My teacher put up a picture of himself on his door so it looks like he’s in his office.”

This cloud looks like a UFO. Should we start running and hiding from the aliens soon?

“This hornets’ nest looks kind of like a surprised hornet’s head.”

“My wife’s dress makes it look like I have hooves.”

This figure skater seems to be trying so hard to lift her partner.

Warning! This cat has a hand and he’s ready to use it against mice.

Do you think it’s a picture? No, it’s a reflection of an overturned SUV in the water.

“This parking deck looks like it’s poorly aligned.”

The building looks like it had a rendering error.

“Am I holding a baby dragon?”

The mix of a dachshund and a labrador:

I was freaking scared when I saw these wooden hands.”

“The pins in my ankle look like a gondolier from Venice.”

And how many ears should a normal dog have?

“It looks like some friends are having lunch inside this van.”

Just a couple of dogs decided to go for a ride.

“This guy is so crazy that he can keep calm while his leg is burning. Or am I mistaken?”

A great advantage over the other participants…

A huge truck or a small cruise liner?

Just a dog with wings that wants to swim:

“My friend took a picture of her cat through a dirty window frame and it looks like a painting.”

“For the past 10 minutes, I’ve been trying to explain to my sister that it looks like her legs are over her husband’s shoulders… She doesn’t see it.”

It seems that dragons really exist.

“Tried to take a photo of a grasshopper on my windshield, but it looks like it’s a giant and it’s destroying the town.”

“This is the same photo. Both sides are the same, pixel for pixel.”

It’s the perspective. Because of the angles and lines in this photo, it seems that the roads should come together at the bottom of this picture. But it’s just an optical illusion. Here’s the proof:

Yes, sometimes we just shouldn’t trust our eyes. And we’re sure you have some similar stories about optical illusions. Share them in the comments!

Preview photo credit Lasabian / reddit


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