10 Things About Your Appearance That Can Make You Unattractive

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Christian Dior once said: “Simplicity, good taste, and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money.” Some of us tend to forget about the third one, which undermines the value of the first two. Many can relate to a situation where a beautiful image created by your new shoes is spoiled by a price tag you forgot to peel off.

Bright Side is here to tell you about 10 deceptively small things about your appearance that can make a bad impression.

1. Faded clothes

A black dress can make even the most average among us look like a queen. But if the fabric looks like it has been washed dozens of times and it’s color is now far from the perfect black it used to be, it will make you look unkempt instead. This doesn’t just apply to black clothes, but to any saturated colors.

2. Not perfectly white clothes

White, much like black, can have a positive effect on your appearance, but only if it’s perfect. Yellow or grey shades of a once white piece of clothing will make you look messy and dreary. Probably the most unrefined of all are sweat stains on white clothes.

3. Negligently rolled up sleeves

Well rolled sleeves on clothes will make your image more youthful and dynamic. But sleeves pushed up like an accordion will turn you into the man who’s never worn a button down shirt in his life.

4. Harem pants

Trousers with a low step seam (also called “Harem” pants) don’t raise questions if they are worn by a hip-hop artist or a chracter from a fairy tale. In any other case, these pants just look like an unsuccessful attempt to appear younger or more fashionable.

5. Dandruff on clothes

Traces of dandruff on clothes look absolutely unalluring. When people see this, the only thing they want to do is step back.

6. Too many accessories

Going over the top with jewelery, especially in combination with bright make-up, can turn even a carefully thought out outfit into something awkward.

7. Unkempt beard

A man’s beard, like a woman’s cosmetics, can emphasize the positives and even disguise flaws in your appearance. However, this only works if the growth on the face is neat and well-groomed. A beard, which is not properly cared for will make any member of the opposite sex look homeless. Not to mention, sometimes food gets stuck in it.

8. Saggy pants

It seems that pictures do a much better job of explaining why you shouldn’t wear jeans or pants this way. These look especially ugly in combination with bad posture.

9. Stale make-up

Crumbling mascara, cracked lipstick, badly drawn eyebrows — these and the other effects of wearing make-up for too long can make you look unattractive. In addition, old make-up will make your face look tired.

10. The little things

The devil, as we know, lies in the details. Lipstick on your teeth, a small hole in your dress, a piece of parsley stuck in your teeth — these small things are quickly and easily noticed by people we’ve just met.

To understand the value of these tips, just remember your own reactions, for example, to dandruff on someone’s shoulders. What are some things about others around you that you consider unattractive?

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