20 Photos From the Past That Allow Us to Walk Through Time

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No one will dispute that historical pictures are really important. Thanks to these shots, we plunge into a world that we can only listen to old stories about.

Bright Side gathered rare photos that hide different events and even a whole history.

Marilyn Monroe performing for thousands of troops in Korea.

February 11th, 1954

A Ukrainian-American family celebrates the death of Stalin.


German women lining up for inspection.

The Second World War

The last lifeboats from the Titanic

April 15th, 1912

Alcohol elimination during Prohibition


Al Capone on a fishing trip

March 7th, 1931

Pearl Harbor during and after the bombing

December 7th, 1941


August 16th, 1969

Bonnie and Clyde’s car after a trap in Bienville

Louisiana, May 24th, 1934

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney

December 19th, 1983

The first automobile by Carl Benz

The first production car with an internal combustion engine, 1886

The world’s first World Cup in history

Uruguay, July, 1930

Hugh Hefner the year he founded Playboy

USA, 1953

Mickey Rourke’s victory

Mickey Rourke vs. Steve Powell, May 23rd, 1991

Ghetto in Poland during the Holocaust

Warsaw and Lodz, 1941

Louis Daguerre’s original camera

A camera of one of the inventors of photography constructed by Giroux Alphonse, 1839

Andy Warhol with Joan Collins and Pele

Beverly Hills, April, 1985 / New York, July, 1977

Arnold Schwarzenegger at Studio 54

Conan the Barbarian release celebration, New York, 1982

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho shooting


French women who were accused of having affairs with German soldiers.

French women who were accused of having affairs with German soldiers were punished by being stripped half naked and having their heads shaved in 1944.

Do you have any old pictures showing the atmosphere of the past? Share them with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit imgur/ sanchezmatters