20 Photos That Reflect All the Pain of the Words “It’s Not My Day”

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Everyone has bad days, but sometimes it’s better to laugh at your problems than to take them seriously. Scientists believe that humor is one of the best strategies to deal with stress, apart from just seeing the positive side of problems. A sense of humor is also good because it elevates not only your own mood but also the mood of others.

Bright Side put together photos from social media users who had a bad day, but didn’t seem too upset about it.

20. “Can you see this line? It lies.”

19. “That truck driver is in trouble!!! I bet he’s already thinking about what he wants on his Tombstone…”

18. “Loved my first trip to Space Japan.”

17. The pot’s handle turned out to not be strong enough.

16. “Lucky” parking spot

15. Somebody’s gonna have to lay some new cable.

14. “Couldn’t turn on a lamp at my mom’s place. Traced the cable back to try and find where the problem was.”

13. Everything is possible, except for sleeping on the ceiling.

12. Fishing trip got off on the wrong foot.

11. “Ice fell and broke my car right after I’d just gotten out of it.”

10. There’s only one empty chair left. This one.

9. The long-awaited package with my lotion has finally arrived. Smells good.

8. When you’re on vacation you’ve gotta know when to stop.

7. “Well, I’m definitely not going swimming now.”

6. Russian version of The Hangover

5. When you’re hoping to move the ball that’s stuck with another ball.

4. “Went to check why the internet wasn’t working, not the bug I was expecting.”

3. “If you’re reading this, it’s too late.”

2. “Is this how you park? Did I do it right???”

1. No more soup for today…

Have you had any situations where your sense of humor helped you?

Preview photo credit VegitoBlue/imgur, orpheon/imgur


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