20 Anti-Stress Pictures for You to Look at Before a Hard Day

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In life, there are times when it seems that the universe has turned against you and does not intend to weaken its grip for a single second. And all that remains for us on these days is to show our strongest qualities and hope that everything is going to get better soon. It definitely will. The main thing is to not forget that even in the most difficult moments you can find a lot of reasons for joy, even if it’s photos of hilarious doggies.

Bright Side has put together 20 pictures that can make even the most terrible day just a little bit better.

1. Caught the exact moment of this dog sneezing.

2. A yawning hedgehog

3. A cow with rabbit ears

4. Just a little crocodile having a good time.

5. A puppy with Mickey Mouse ears

6. Oh these paws… Just look at them!

7. “This is Kipling. He noticed that I forgot to take a towel to the shower and brought it himself.”

8.This Maine coon is having a blissful moment.

9. This little flamingo is learning to be a flamingo.

10. Just look at this happy mama!

11. This cat looks like he’s about to release his debut album that’s going to blow up all the global charts.

12. Manicure for a wombat

13. A couple that should be invited to play leading roles in a movie.

14. How on earth can you refuse him anything?

15. Teeny tiny chameleon

16. What a seductive dog.

17. You can see the love in her eyes.

18. The air police

19. Got a little assistant at work.

20. Don’t think about the bad stuff and get ready for the summer, just like this doggy.

Bonus: This turtle will show you how to react to any misfortunes from now on.

On the scale of 1 to 10, how much better is your day now?

Preview photo credit ballisticshark/reddit


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