12 Things We Should Strive for Instead of Suffering Through During a Relationship

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Many of us are scared of feeling lonely and when we break up with someone, we do our best to find a new partner. But maybe we should stop this pursuit of love and just try to enjoy life? By the way, scientists think that not all people need to be in a relationship to be happy. If you don’t like having arguments with other people and you feel crushed every time it happens, maybe you are one of these types of people.

At Bright Side, we’ve decided to collect examples of all the advantages of living life without being in a romantic relationship. Look through them and maybe you will see your freedom in a different way.

1. You don’t need to fight over bed space.

If there is anyone who’s hogging space on the bed, it’s your pet. But at least they won’t fight for the blanket, right?

2. You can sleep until noon on the weekends.

If there is nothing you have planned on a Saturday morning, the best thing you can do is get good sleep. But there is also another option — you can wake up at 5 A.M. and go jogging. It’s all up to you!

3. You can read a ton of books.

Pick up a copy of 50 Shades of Gray, Mumintroll, or a book about physics — you can read anything you want.

4. You have time to study.

How about learning a second language or taking a tango class? Or perhaps you’re a genius programmer or a physicist and just don’t know it yet!

5. You can become a boss.

If you are not in a relationship now, it’s time to do everything you can to develop your career. Having more money is always nice too!

6. You can go on an interesting adventure.

You can fly to the Amazon rainforest to look for new kinds of frogs, become a volunteer for an international organization in Africa, or just switch houses with someone from a different country like in the film, The Holiday. Any of these options are great ones.

7. You can be wherever you want, whenever you want.

Those who are not in a relationship can literally do whatever they want, wherever they want, with whoever they want. Do you really need a reason to spend extra time with your friends?

8. You can watch whatever you want.

Nobody will laugh at you for watching Twilight again or for crying during a sappy scene of a movie. No one can say that the hockey game is boring. You can watch whatever you’d like in peace.

9. You can have a perfect body.

When you are not in a relationship, you can easily find time to go to a gym. And even if you are a brutal macho, no one will judge you for going to yoga class.

10. You don’t need to hide your food preferences.

You can choose to not cook at all and just order a pizza, eat it all and not share it with anyone. Nobody will be there to judge you! You can even change your eating habits completely and become vegetarian if you’d like.

11. You can go on the trip of your dreams.

Would you like to visit Italy, India, and Indonesia just like the character from Eat, Pray, Love? What are you waiting for? Buy the tickets and go!

12. You can set goals and achieve them.

Do what the character from Bridget Jones’ Diary did: Write down everything you would like to achieve in a journal and work on making those dreams come true.

If you see your freedom in the right way, it can be very satisfying. What would you add to the list of things you can do while you are not in a relationship? Tell us in the comment section below!

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