8 Sure Ways to Sell Various Items Online

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Even famous people don’t have disdain for second-hand stuff: like the former Australian Prime Minister who shared a picture of his new second-hand refrigerator on his Instagram. But sometimes online trading doesn’t go that well: some people get rid of unnecessary products via the internet really fast and some just can’t sell anything for months. So what is the secret?

Bright Side knows how to sell unwanted stuff online and wants to share some tips with you.

Unnecessary things that can be easily sold online

How to sell things?

8. Set a reasonable price.

It’s probably the main thing that helps you to sell your item fast. Because people usually filter goods by price and compare your item to other sellers’ items. And it’s the first thing shoppers pay attention to.


7. Take good pictures.

Good pictures help us avoid additional questions and give clear descriptions regarding an item’s characteristics. Among similar offers, it’s a high-quality photo that attracts a potential buyer’s attention. Take pictures from different angles. If you sell clothes, take photos of labels and price tags; if you sell appliances, take photos of the warranty card and instructions for use. Be conscientious, don’t hide an item’s drawbacks and you will avoid further discussions with buyers.


Have a look at how the thing is presented in a store and follow their good example.

6. Give a proper and thorough description.

After a person reads the description, they decide whether they want to contact you or not. It’s here that you have to involve all your writing talent. The description should be brief but informative. If you forget to write about an item’s characteristics, overall dimensions, and its condition, you could receive many messages because people need to know the specifics about what they’re going to buy.


5. Never hold your items.

People who usually sell stuff online sometimes have people ask them to hold an item until tomorrow, until Monday, and so on. But you have to remember that customers may change their mind: today they want to buy an exercise bike and ask you to hold it, tomorrow they decide they don’t need it.

Time is against you when it comes to online trading. If you find a person that wants to buy your stuff immediately, that’s great. Sell it and don’t feel guilty because you’ve refused to hold your goods.

4. Add a bonus.

We all love gifts. Marketing specialists always use this trick to sell the most unpopular products. A bonus that comes for free increases the value of an item in the customer’s eyes.


If you sell a laptop, offer a flash drive or headphones as a present. If you want to get rid of kids’ clothes, add a toy. Don’t forget to mention this in your description in the first lines.

3. Let customers haggle.

Here’s another marketing specialists’ trick: a very low price can cause concern. A person may think that they’re going to buy a defective item or it’s just not that good.


Set a higher price than you planned at first and mention in the description that you’re ready to haggle. People who try to save money get interested in these offers even if they’ve never thought of buying this item. Reduce your price and everyone will be happy.

2. Consider all postal expenses.

The internet connects people from all over the world and international trading is rather popular nowadays. Think about all shipping issues while putting together an ad. Who will pay for postal charges or courier services? You should discuss this before you make the deal to avoid unpleasant surprises.

1. Follow safety rules.

When it comes to safety, each website usually lets us read their conditions and rules. Don’t ignore this opportunity, follow simple rules, and your deal will probably go smoothly.


Used goods that we shouldn’t buy online:

Do you usually buy goods online? Or do you sell them?

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