20 Ridiculous Cases When Stores Overdid It With the Packaging

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Almost all goods, including food, are sold in packages that are supposed to protect them from external damage. Yes, sometimes it’s really necessary and reasonable, but in general, the production of goods uses a lot of plastic, cardboard, and other materials. A cut apple in a plastic container, a giant cardboard box with a small USB-drive — these are just two funny examples.

Bright Side has collected 20 great examples of how far the irrational fixation on the packaging has gone. And at the end of the article, we will show you that sometimes a seller will send you a nice bonus together with the thing you bought.

Let’s start with packaging used by online stores for shipment. The boxes are often way bigger than the thing itself.

Often the package from the manufacturer looks ridiculous because of its size.

Packages sometimes come in crazy sizes, just like this one, for example:

And here is an example of over-the-top packaging by a seller: the rolls of bubble wrap are wrapped in… bubble wrap.

Sometimes, packaging doesn’t make any sense.

And how about the tendency to pack every fruit or vegetable in separate plastic wrap?

It’s strange because all fruit and vegetables have their own natural protection.

But no, humanity needs more plastic!

And how do you like this insanity?

Apple slices are individually wrapped and in a plastic box!

Bonus: Sometimes, there might be a surprise in the box. Here, they used a bag of chips as a shock absorber.

Which of these pictures seemed the craziest to you? Tell us in the comment section below!

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