20+ Historical Photos That Stir Up a Rush of Emotions

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Among pictures from the past, there are often photos that reveal hidden messages like one’s destiny, life story, or an event. Whatever the picture shows, we have so much fun discovering these things! Images like these keep memories alive over the years and continue to tell the stories that may have begun long before we were born.

Bright Side has gathered the most interesting photos that depict an atmosphere of a different era.

Princeton students after a freshman/sophomore snowball fight, 1893

Salvador Dali taking his anteaters for a walk in Paris, 1969

An East German soldier helping a boy cross the new Berlin Wall to reunite with his family, 1961

A bride wearing a basket on her way to a wedding, China, 1911

This is how people used to dry their hair in 1937:

And this is how they had their hair straightened:

The Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC), May 15, 1942

A man browsing for books in Cincinnati’s cavernous old library which was later demolished in 1955

Children crossing the river on their way to school in Italy, 1959

This stretching device claimed to increase one’s height by 2 to 6 inches in 1931.

An exciting ad from an educational game, 1991

In 1966 sculptor, Claes Oldenburg carried a giant toothpaste tube through the streets of London.

The boldest outfit of 1950

A rare photo of Chewbacca skateboarding in the late 1980s

Lionel Walter Rothschild’s zebra carriage as it appeared on the streets of London in 1894

He also rode a Galapagos tortoise.

Leo Tolstoy telling a story to his grandchildren, 1909

BBC sound effect workers making effects for a program in the studio, 1927

In 1890, wildlife photographer, Cherry Kearton stood on his brother’s shoulders to take a photograph of a bird’s nest.

This is a huge sequoia from 1892. What’s more shocking: the size of the tree or taking it down using a hand saw?

In 1922, this 137-year-old White Wolf was and still is considered to be the oldest Native American to have ever lived.

Bill Gates got arrested in 1977 for speeding in his Porsche.

The filming of Jaws, 1975

Steven Spielberg lying in the mouth of the shark

12-year-old Michael Jackson as Charlie Chaplin, 1970

Michael Jackson again, 1971

Dylan McDermott and Julia Roberts, 1989

Ghostbusters movie set, 1984

The world’s biggest horse, Brooklyn Supreme, standing 78 in tall and weighing 3,200 lb

President Lincoln without his beard, 1857

A crooked back brush equipped with front and rear-view mirrors, 1947

Students using homemade sun scopes to see a solar eclipse, 1963

A man working atop a 32-foot-tall replica of the Empire State Building in the world’s largest diorama, 1939

Samuel L. Jackson as a high school senior

Milla Jovovich, 1992

Do you have any photos from the past to share with us? Let’s plunge into history!

Preview photo credit Princeton University Archives, Scientific American