Science Explains How Much Sleep We Really Need Depending on Our Age

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We’ve heard a lot of information about our biological clocks and how respecting our sleep cycles can have great health benefits. Usually, people think that 7-8 hours is enough, but that’s not always the case.

Sleep is an integral part of our lives. There’s nothing better than going to bed after a long, hard day of work. Healthy sleep is very important for rest and recovery. But how many hours do we need to get a good night’s sleep?

Bright Side wants to tell you how much sleep you actually need based on how old you are.

Lack of sleep

Many of us wait for the weekend to get good rest. But it’s better not to neglect sleep for the sake of viewing the latest viral video on the Internet. First of all, being sleep deprived affects the quality of future bouts of sleep negatively. Secondly, this lack of sleep has a detrimental effect on our health.

Not getting enough sleep weakens our immunity and can lead to serious consequences.

Not getting enough sleep increases the risk of developing the following problems and diseases:

In addition to all this, bad sleep negatively affects the body and appearance. As a result, weight gain, circles under the eyes, pallor, and bad complexion become a reality. This lack of sleep also leads to a lack of concentration, a decrease in everyday efficiency and premature aging.

Age and sleep

Age affects not only our condition and bodily function. Scientists have established the connection between age and the required number of hours for good sleep.

The older a person is, the less amount of sleep recovery they need.

Babies up to 3 months old require the most amount of sleep. Children under 18 years old should sleep more than 8 hours a night. After that, the required amount of sleep is significantly reduced and changes only after a person reaches 65 years of age. But don’t forget that each person has their own individual needs which may change these numbers.

Sleep improvement

It’s important to pay close attention to the quality and duration of sleep you’re getting. Bad sleep can lead to a deterioration of health. You can use the following tips to help get enough sleep and feel more refreshed every day:

Getting enough sleep isn’t that complicated. You can improve your sleep by doing these simple actions. And in return, you’ll be cheerful and healthy.

How many hours of sleep do you typically need? And how do you relax before going to bed? Tell us in the comments.

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