22 Moments in History That Can Make Our Hearts Skip a Beat

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You can see a lot of interesting things in the photos of the past like the construction of the World Trade Center, the first portable phone, or even Pablo Picasso dressed as Popeye!

Bright Side has made a new compilation of historical moments that will definitely take you back to the past because these types of photos are the closest thing to a real time machine.

22. This is how people were treated for mental illnesses in 19th century Germany.

21. Chinese youths wearing western fashion, 1980

20. Mike, the headless chicken that lived for 18 months after decapitation, 1945

It was fed by its owners through a syringe that was put into its throat. It died not because of losing its head, but because the syringe used to clean its throat was misplaced.

19. A mom uses a trash can to contain her baby while she crochets in the park, USA, 1969

18. The headquarters of Mussolini’s Italian Fascist Party, 1934

17. Actor Ben Chapman during the filming of Creature from the Black Lagoon, 1954

16. A traffic jam near the Brandenburg Gate as East Germans moved into West Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989

15. Dancers at the Windmill Theatre in London,1940

14. Children in an iron lung before the invention of the polio vaccine, 1937

13. 5-year-old David Day preparing for bed in his home in a cave in Dover’s chalk cliffs in Dover, England, April 19, 1944

12. Ironworkers from Local 40 building the World Trade Center antenna in New York, 1979

11. German boys at a gumball machine,1955

10. 3 kids and their Halloween costumes, circa 1900

9. Motorola Vice President, John F. Mitchell showing off the DynaTAC portable radio telephone in New York City, 1973

8. Duke Kahanamoku, the man who popularized surfing around the world, Hawaii, 1920

7. Earthquake damage in Anchorage, Alaska, March 27, 1964

6. A boy wearing an Adolf Hitler mask, London, 1938

5. Pablo Picasso dressed as Popeye in 1957

4. Roland, a 4,000-lb elephant seal, getting a snow bath from his handler at the Berlin Zoo, circa 1930

3. Madame Tussauds’ mannequins,1930

2. J. A. Purves’ Dynasphere on the beach, 1932; the driver is his son.

1. Winston Churchill painting a landscape of the French town Lourmarin, 1948

Which of these old photos was the most interesting to you? Share your impressions in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Bob Landry


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