25 Photos of Animals That Can Help You Make It to the End of the Day (Warning: Cuteness Overload)

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Our pets are true anti-depressants. When we’re on our way home after a long work day, we always dream about their healing cuddles. So we’d like to share some photos of cute animals that will make even the worst day better.

Bright Side has collected some photos of animals whose actions and emotions make us want to grab them and pet them all day long.

25. True friendship

24. Unique moment

23. When you’re worried about your haircut:

22. Help!

21. Disarming arguments

20. Singer

19. This kitty is making the rounds at the horse farm where he lives

18. “My girlfriend met this guy at a party I decided not to go to.”

17. Cat life is exhausting.

16. Small dropper

15. I knew that!

14. Black hole Ben

13. Morning routine

12. First kiss

11. Hey!

10. When you’re gorgeous and you know it.

9. That puppy belly!

8. Trying to scold a Husky be like:

7. “Went to volunteer, and the security bag check was pretty intense.”

6. “You picked the right neighborhood.”

5. “How dare you disturb me during nap time!”

4. Did someone say “food”?

3. May I hold your hand?

2. When you want to eat the one you love.

1. Smile!

Share some photos of your 4-legged anti-depressant with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Anima lLeague/ twitter, patasepenas.com.


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