18 People Who Came Across Anomalies in Their Life (Just Look at That Crazy-Shaped Strawberry)

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For centuries, people have been reporting strange and curious things. The most extraordinary of such reports feature heavy rains of frogs or fish observed in different parts of the world centuries ago. It is hard to imagine seeing anything like that nowadays but the world is full of surprises — just take a look around!

Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected some shots depicting a wide range of bizarre and extraordinary sights — from mutant veggies to a car riding a bus.

1. Perfect match

2. In Australia

3. The place with the highest taxi concentration in the city

4. 2 bananas in one

5. A pineapple with a strange “haircut”

6. What an extraordinary way to hang paintings…

7. This strawberry is shouting “Hurray!”

8. 2-colored apple

9. The On and Off buttons changed colors

10. Confusing

11. What a bizarre sign for a beach…

12. Can you do that?

13. Mutant eggplant

14. Nature will always find a way.

15. Just mix it in your hands…

16. You’ve got a second chance!

17. Just a car riding a bus

18. An animal-friendly city

Which of the photos did you find to be the most extraordinary? Have you ever come across something similar? Share your thoughts and photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit acidcow.com, acidcow.com