20+ Unforgettable Signs That Made Our Day Brighter

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Research says that funny signboards can positively impact a driver’s mind. Have you ever noticed how a witty signboard can bring back your wandering attention or how your frown withers away while reading a funny ad? Signboards can often make our life or and our driving moments happy, without us even noticing the changes.

Bright Side curated this collection of 25 humorous and witty signs, so that you can have a lighter and brighter day ahead.
1. Welcome to a pet friendly hotel.

2. Starting the day on a good note.

3. Really, is the city that boring?

4. Is there any ’’other side’’ left?

5. Frankly, that’s clever.

6. A sign in front of a pharmacy.

7. Is this a new business model in the making?

8. Really, then why put the sign here?

9. Having a sense of humor is always a good idea.

10. This is some real, valuable advice. Pay attention people!

11. Here’s a fire safety poster from the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco.

12. Free ride?

13. Sometimes, signs can be misleading. LOL?

14. What should we do with the poop?

15. Attention parents: Don’t take your eyes off your kids.

16. It’s time for humans to read and follow this advice.

17. Fair enough.

18. Joe definitely saved a few lives.

19. “Abby’s boss has no chill.”

20. At least you know in advance that working with them is crazy.

21. This shop definitely knows how to make money.

22. Will the bumps suddenly occur in the presence of children?

23. Be on the lookout for this new breed of zombies.

Have you also come across signs like this? If you’ve seen some of these hilarious signs, please share them with us.

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