I Draw Comics That People Can Relate To (Part 2)

Hi! You may have seen some of my comics over the internet (maybe) or here  before but if you haven’t… hi! I’m @relatabledoodles. I draw relatable comics about the everyday “problems” in life (some are exaggerated for comical effect). Hope you nod along, chuckle a little or perhaps say “yo that’s me” to some of …

I Re-Imagined Disney Princesses’ Hairdo’s

As someone who’s hair barely reaches their shoulders, I wanted to give some of my favorite Disney princesses cool Pinterest inspired hairstyles (you know, the ones that you wish you could wear yourself). I drew these using Paint tool SAI. Really hope you like them! Rapunzel Elsa Moana Merida more info on BoredPanda.com

13 Ironic Truths About Our Life

However different we are, we all get into similar situations, react alike, and achieve similar results. Interestingly, such things often become ironic and oh-so-familiar rules. We have gathered 13 absolute truths about how life works for every one of us.

 Of The Most Epic Long Exposure Shots Ever

Usually, we are viewing photos that capture a short moment in time, but these pictures are completely different. The intent of long exposure photography is to create an image that highlights the effect of passing time. There is no fixed definition of what constitutes “long” because a 30-minute picture of a static object might not be distinguishable …

18 Illustrations Showing the Beauty of Falling in Love

Hyocheon Jeong, a Korean artist, creates adorable and meaningful artworks. This beautiful fine art will make you smile every time you look at it. We invites you to feel gentle vibes and sweet shivers on your skin and to fall in love again.

Woman Creates Optical Illusions With Makeup, And It’s Messing With Our Minds

Makeup is usually used for slightly adjusting the everyday look but some actually realize its true potential. Mimi Choi from Vancouver, Canada is one of them. She is a 31-year-old makeup artist who creates intense hyperreal optical illusions, and her amazing work has earned Mimi 274,000 followers on Instagram.. Before discovering makeup art, Mimi trained …

10+ Examples Of Double Standards In Our Society That You’re Probably Guilty Of

Equality is humanity’s Holy Grail, the cornerstone of most value systems, but we have yet to reap all of its rewards. Sure, our society has definitely evolved for the better during the last, say, 100 years, but a long journey is still ahead, and the vast array of double standards that still divide people in …

New Pixar-Like Short Film About A Boy Coming Out Is Taking Internet By Storm Because, Well, Just Watch It

Get your tissues handy – you’re going to need them after watching In a Heartbeat. It’s a new animated short film that is absolutely breaking the Internet, and it’s so necessary in today’s climate of intolerance and hate. In a Heartbeat was put together by Ringling College of Art and Design students Beth David and Esteban …

I Turn People Into Disney Villains Using Makeup

I’m a French makeup artist and cartoon designer from Paris! More info: Instagram Disney Pixar Villains: Ego (Ratatouille) Disney Villains: Hades (Hercules) Disney Villains: Scar (The Lion King) Disney Villains: Yzma (Kuzco) Disney Villains: Jafar (Aladdin) Disney Villains: Bellwether (Zootopia)  

12 Signs That You’ve Found “The One”

Love, unfortunately, isn’t always mutual. It can fade or flare up over the years. But, however complex love may be, there are proven signs that will tell you what your significant other really feels. Bright Side has created 12 truthful comics that will help you distinguish your true love from someone who is indifferent to you. 12. They respect your parents. 11. They …