20 Fascinating Historical Pictures Few People Have Seen Before

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Sometimes, an event, someone’s fate, or even an entire era can be hiding behind just one simple photo. Pictures store not only our memories, but also the whole world’s history.

We collected 20 wonderful shots and offers you a chance to plunge into the past. Just takea look; there were some truly fascinating things going on before we were here!


A zoo keeper and tiger cubs, 1937.

Girls getting changed on a public beach, 1929.

Charlie Chaplin and his wife Una, United States, 1944.

Dubai, 1965.

Dolph Lundgren and Grace Jones, 1980s.

Mata Hari in the 1900’s.

A woman driving a car, 1900s.

Halloween, Florida, United States, 1954.

Kissing for Dummies, LIFE Magazine, 1942.

Albert Einstein and his wife Elsa among the Hopi tribe, Grand Canyon, USA, 1931.

Arnold Schwarzenegger walking in Munich wearing nothing but swim trunks, promoting bodybuilding and attracting people to the gym. November, 1967.

The tallest man in world history, Fyodor Makhnov. He was 2.85 m (9.25 ft) tall and weighed about 182 kg (401.24 lb). 1900s.

A tourist holding an ice cream cone by the Eiffel Tower, 1950.

The muffin man, London, 1910.

The first version of a mobile radio telephone being used in 1924.

A model in a bikini presents a LADA at a motor show in New York, 1973.

Cambridge graduates, 1926.

Children washing a meerkat, South Africa, 1950.

The first tattoo parlors, 1928.


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