Former Police Dog Barks At Tree Continuously, Raising Suspicions Among Investigators

Born as an ex-police dog, this pup Kyle had his mind imprinted with loyalty even as a pup. Kyle is a now old German shepherd who relieved of work as a police dog and was now living his last days in the beautiful countryside with a great view and in the loving care of a …

Funny and crazy animals

If you love animals you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy these 41 pictures of funny animals/pets that will make your day better.

Get Ready For Funny Animals

Get your day started with this fresh batch of cool pics and memes, chosen for the most sophisticated connoisseurs of random imagery. Mondays can be hard, so make today suck less with a fresh batch of memes, you can share with your coworkers in the breakroom. You’re going to like the way you laugh, we …

The Majestic Beauty of the Underwater World

There are many different types of water animals, including fish, dolphins, whales, seals, sea lions, sharks, sea turtles, otters, and many species of birds that live near or on the water. Some water animals, like dolphins and whales, are mammals and must surface to breathe air, while others, like fish, can extract the oxygen they …

Nature’s Wonders: The Diverse Eye Colors of Animals

Different eye colors in animals can be the result of genetics, the presence of different pigments, or adaptation to their environment. For example, albinism, a genetic condition, can cause animals to have white or pink eyes due to a lack of melanin. Arctic foxes, on the other hand, have blue eyes that help them better …

Man’s Best Friend Gets a Dose of Humor: A Collection of Adorable and Hilarious Canine Moments!

From the moment they bound into our lives, dogs have brought us endless joy and laughter. From their silly grins to their playful antics, these furry friends have a way of making us smile, no matter what. In this collection, we celebrate the funniest moments in the lives of man’s best friend, proving once and …

20+ Winning Dog Photos From the 2022 Dog Photography Awards

For the second year, the Dog Photography Awards shines a spotlight on the best pet photography around the globe. This annual contest shows the artistry behind capturing the spirit of our furry friends in all their forms. From high-action shots to dogs at work to pensive portraits, the winning photographs are a tribute to these …

A series of Yoga Chick paintings ?? By @luciaheffernan

A series of Yoga Chick paintings ?? By @luciaheffernan

Pet Shaming: Criminal Duos

It’s good practice to separate a pair of troublemakers, but what happens when those trouble makers are live-in pets? It’s bad enough when you have one dog or cat who likes to “redecorate” your apartment, but two mischievous pets can really go to town!

Dogs Hilariously Enjoying Autumn Leaves

Some dogs really love Autumn leaves and are not afraid to be hilariously derpy about it. Scroll down to see some of the funniest examples!