20 Life Hacks That Can Put You Behind Bars

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Don’t you just hate it, when your teacher gives you a long assignment? It not just takes a lot of your time but also ruins your weekend. We all know how frustrating an assignment can be.

In the older days, it was easy; you just had to open the internet and copy another person’s work, to secure a good grade.

But in the modern day, Copyscape has made it impossible for students to get away with copying someone else’s work. So what can you do in the modern day to get an A without working hard on a project?

The hack is quite simple. When you have got an assignment, you just Google the most relevant article and copy the article. Now before pasting it in your report, open Google translate, and convert the text into a foreign language, after that translate the text back into English. Now, just correct all the grammatical errors that might exist. After doing all that, you now have an original piece of work, which tricks Copyscape and ends up getting you an easy A.

I know it can be incredibly annoying to listen to an automated call machine for hours. It is very common that we call an agency or any other place and we end hanging up the phone without satisfying our purpose. But there is a way that can help to cut through to a live person without having to wait. People usually tend to press “0”. That might help you one out of a hundred times, but what you should do is: the next time the automated voice message is playing, just start swearing. Swearing? Well when you start to curse, the machine automatically tags you as an angry customer, the companies always want to satisfy an angry customer, so you are given priority and are directly connected to an operator. I would recommend, that once you are talking to a real person, you should stop searing, or else they might hang up on you, leaving you back at square one.

This trick works only on online shopping stores. And nowadays it is straightforward to find one.
This trick is not very simple although there are a few people who can do it with their eyes closed. Some people find a product online, and they somehow manage to find a similar product to sell to themselves. What they do is that they hack into the website and upload an advert of the product they found at a lower price. Then they order the product. After ordering, they delete the post from the web site and end up with a product having a lower price. So if you can hack into a shopping website then do not end up ordering stuff as you might get caught for that, instead use this trick and get a clean escape.

We all hate it when we park our car and come back to find a parking ticket stuck in the viper. But there is a way of getting out without paying the ticket. What you have to do is: the next time you get a ticket, snap a picture of another car with a parking ticket standing nearby, now you can use this picture as fake evidence in court, and get off without paying your ticket. This method is illegal so don’t do this unless you are sure that you won’t get caught.

When looking for a job, we need an excellent resume alongside other credentials. But it is tough to write one. If you consult a professional, it will cost you a huge sum of money. So if you want a great resume for free, there is a way. Go to a job application site, and instead of applying for a job that you want, just upload a new job vacancy. Different people will start to ask for the jobs, and you will have a load of resumes. Choose the best ones, combine them into one, put your credentials and just send the new resume to your desired job.

Thrift shops can be found all across the world. Most people hesitate to go into thrift stores to buy clothes, as they find it disgusting. You need to stop waiting and go into one, once you are in, go to the stalls where the jackets or other items with pockets are displayed. Now the thing about thrift shops is that they don’t always empty the pockets, so there is money in them some times. Secretly search different pockets for money, but don’t put the money in your pocket, start trying on a few clothes and put the money you find in the next items that you work on. Keep doing this until you think you have found enough money, remember if you put the money into your pocket, you would get caught, so put it in the last piece of clothing that you try on, and buy that item. The rule of thrifts shop is that when you buy something, whatever is in it is now yours, so you can take home the money without people knowing that you ripped off the thrift shop.

To pull this off, you need to go to a self-service store with both, organic and inorganic fruit. Once you are in, go to the section of organic fruit and buy the best items without worrying about the price. Now go to the weighing station and while weighing press the inorganic option instead of the natural product. Seal the bag and just calmly pay the price and leave.

For this, you need to stay away from banks and go to ATMs that are located on the streets or in shopping stores. Now try to figure out the six digit code you can put the machine in operator mode and take out every penny present in the ATM. However, remember that there are cameras, and this is illegal.

It is effortless. And who doesn’t like free food? Just put your money in the vending machine and select your option like you usually do. Now before the snack falls, just push your hand against the door, so it would not open. It confuses the machine, and you end up with two of the same snacks while paying for only one.

Purchase an e-book, put it into a third-party software and make a copy. Now on returning the original, you will get your money back and will still have the copy.

Go to a Starbucks and get in line at the counter. If you hear the barista call out a name and you see someone take the order, wait until the receiver takes the order and leaves the shop. After that, go up to the counter and claim that was your order. If the barista gets confused, he/she might give you a free Starbucks. If you get caught though, you could easily go to jail.

All you have to do is walk in and act as you belong. It is easy to get away with, but if you’re not careful, the hotel staff might notice you’re not staying at the hotel and kick you out or worse, get you arrested.

If you have a debit card that doesn’t have enough money in it for your order at Chipotle, they might not take the rest of the amount from you as Chipotle wants speed and efficiency to be top notch. Stopping you would make the other customers wait longer. Although it’s not illegal for Chipotle to give you a discount, they might choose not to give you your meal.

The heading is pretty self-explanatory; however, you’ll be hard pressed to find a clothing shop that can give you a refund on bought clothes.

It is relatively simple thing to do, and you’ll hardly get caught unless the shop you’re buying at is wary of people trying to get discounts that way.

Flick pennies into the laundry machine so they would activate the sensor and accept the pennies as quarters. It could get you a $2-$three wash in just $0.10.

Instead of buying a ticket from point A to point B, buy a ticket from point A to point C, with a layover at point B, and point C being a more obscure destination. For example, a ticket from New York to Chicago would cost a lot more than a flight from New York to Milwaukee, with a layover in Chicago. Once you land in Chicago, all you have to do is not board the flight to Milwaukee. Make sure you haven’t booked a round trip ticket and that you aren’t taking lots of luggage as any luggage you check in would get on the flight to the third destination.

In a waiting area, note down the subscription details of magazines which you’ll find in the magazines back or front. Use these to view those magazines online. It’s not stealing, but it is unethical.

Get a bag from any airport store and voila! Free carry-on bag! You can use this to save yourself from overweight luggage expenses.

Purchase a movie ticket at such a time that once you’ve watched it, you can watch multiple movies with the same ticket. With the users being in a rush to get everyone seated, they would seat you without seeing your ticket time and show. However, make sure you’re not on a busy day with a packed cinema because if you’re found sitting in someone else’s seat, you will be kicked out at the very least.