8 Life Hacks That Might Save Your Life One Day

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Statistics say we live in the calmest of times in the history of mankind. However, the world is still a dangerous place.

That’s why Bright Side brings you 8 simple life hacks that will enhance your security.

1. Keys, money, and a charged phone.

These things should always be on you when you’re going out. No exceptions.

Why is it important? You should always be able to call for help or a ride back home. Your phone, in addition, may become a means of saving other people’s lives: you’ll be able to call the rescue service in an emergency. Always keep your phone charged.

2. Apologize if you bump into someone.

Even if you’re sure you’re not to blame for bumping into someone on the street, say “sorry” and keep going.

Why is it important? You don’t know who you ran into. A person you’ve touched may be carrying a weapon or be drunk or high. They may be extremely angry or upset. A simple apology may save you so much more.

3. Always find at least 3 exits.

Wherever you go, be it a concert, a railway station, or even a school, make sure you see 3 exits. It can be both easy and hard. Scan the space with your eyes so that even if there’s only one door you’ll find at least three ways out — for example, large French windows.

Why is it important? If something bad happens, it’ll be too late to look for an exit. If you’ve found and memorized them in advance, you’ll be able to move toward one of them almost without thinking.

4. Play the “find a bad guy” game.

A fun little game that can keep you safe. When there are many people around, take a good look at them. Who seems to be too nervous, too angry, or too frightened?

Why is it important? Our intuition is rarely mistaken. If someone appears dangerous to you, then they probably are. Try to keep away from them.

5. On an airplane, count the rows to the emergency exit.

Having taken your seat, count the rows from you to the nearest emergency exit. Memorize the number.

Why is it important? If there’s smoke, the emergency lighting can be too dim to guide you. When you know for sure the number of rows between your seat and the exit, you can move toward it counting the headrests.

6. Strengthen your wrists.

If you’ve ever tried doing chin-ups, you know that your wrists get tired the fastest. Do wrist exercises every day with the help of hand grips.

Why is it important? There are many potential emergency situations where you may need to hold on to a narrow ledge. A strong grip and trained wrist muscles will allow you to stay safe for as long as it might be needed.

7. Raise your head, and go slowly.

People tend to instinctively lower their head and increase their pace when they sense danger. However, you should do just the contrary: confidently raise your chin, and slow down.

Why is it important? When you follow your first instinct, you become prey. Who or whatever is threatening you, slow down, raise your head, and look sideways to see the danger with your peripheral vision.

8. Escaping from a sinking car.

To get out of a sinking car it’s necessary to first unbuckle your seat belt. Instead of opening the door, roll the window down. If you don’t have your window open, break the glass with a special tool or any heavy object (for instance, a removable headrest).

Why is it important? There’s only one minute to escape, so you’ll only lose time trying to open the door which will not budge because of the water pressure.


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