These celebrity transformations will leave you speechless

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Hello people, this post is all about celebrities and their transformations over the years. You are going to be really surprised with some of these as you scroll down.I guess they wish they could delete some of these pics or even just erase them from existence, as some of them are really embarrassing. But i guess their hot looks afterwards makes it up for them. Check them out and enjoy…Watch as nerdy teens transform into hunks and bodacious babes right before your eyes.You’ll see that puberty really can work some magic on stars as they grow beyond their awkward teen years.

As a teen Nicki Minaj seems to be really geeky, but now she is one of the hottest artists in the world and also has done some huge work in Hollywood and in fashion.

The on with the glasses is a geeky normal kid in Tornto. The other one is one of the top musical artists on the planet right now. Oh wait, they are the same person!

2 Chainz was a straight up nerd in high school too, if you do not believe me check out these 2 pics.

This is the best example of puberty. Actor Zac Efron proves once again that stars can really put their awkward teen years behind them!

Who could of guess that this teen will grow out to be one of the hottest guys around. He simply drives the girls insane! Harry Styles ladies and ladies 🙂

Your average girl next door turned out to become Lana Del Rey. This babe could make your head spin round and round!

As you can see JLo was always very pretty, but i guess no one thought back then that she would turn out to be on of the hottest woman alive, according to people magazine!

It seems Zayn Malik always had the attractive twinkle in his eyes. But now that his features have grown out and the star left his awkward teen years behind him, he has morphed into a heartthrob that makes a whole generation of girls grovel.

If there is one star on this list who hasn’t changed at all since her awkward teen years, it is Avril Lavigne. While she might have been a little more punk in high school, and a little more fashion glam now, Lavigne has much the same look – hot as hell.


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