11 Situations That Are Painfully Familiar to Best Friends

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They say that friends are the family that we choose. And best friends are those you sometimes want…to kill on the spot, but you still love them with all your heart. After all, they tag along on our biggest adventures.

We had collected a few funny situations to remind us how much best friends mean to us.

11. A best friend understands everything with just a glance.

10. You have your own jokes.

9. You are jealous when one of you is around other people.

8. You feel more confident in each other’s presence.

7. You forgive each other’s weaknesses.

6. You are always ready to protect each other against any meanie.

5. You know each other better than anyone else does.

4. You always support each other’s ideas, even if they seem crazy.

3. You don’t see one another every day, but that doesn’t affect your friendship in any way.

2. You even want to wear similar clothes.

1. And here comes a small bonus: If your best friend is of the opposite sex, you surely have “the agreement.”


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