These 12 Famous Child Actors Grew Up Way Too Fast

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Time really does go by faster as we get older. It seems like it was just yesterday we watched Jurassic Park and said, “awww” every time the older sister helped her little brother out. But surprise! Child actors like these are already dating, becoming big and successful, or have given up their acting career altogether.

Have a look at these child actors. Here’s what the kids look like today.

Dakota Fanning
’War of the Worlds’ – Rachel Ferrier (2005)

Bradley Pierce
’Jumanji’ – Peter Shepherd (1995)

Kirsten Dunst
’Jumanji’ – Judy Shepherd (1995)

Jake Cherry
’Night at the Museum’ – Nick Daley (2006)

Ariana Richards
’Jurassic Park’ – Lex Murphy (1993)

Joseph Mazzello
’Jurassic Park’ – Tim Murphy (1993)

Ivana Baquero
’Pan’s Labyrinth’ – Ofelia (2006)

Cole Sprouse
’Friends’ television show — Ben Geller (2001)

Jake Lloyd
’Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace’ – Anakin Skywalker (1999)

Haley Joel Osment
’A.I. Artificial Intelligence’- David (2001)

Isaac Hempstead Wright
’Game of Thrones’ – Bran Stark (2011)

Jaden Smith
’The Karate Kid’ – Dre Parker (2010)


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