31 Photos Showing That Canadians Cope with Life on a Completely Different Level

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When we mention Canada, we normally think about maple syrup and cold weather. And this impression is correct, as there is plenty of snow in Canada, which makes Canadians very cool people.

Bright Side wants to invite you on a short trip and show you some interesting photos about life in Canada.

1. Always be ready for surprises:

2. Only in Canada will you find parka meters:

3. The Bears:

4. Summer or winter — the choice is yours:

5. School buses in Canada:

@PeelSchools This parent is sorry not sorry ? pic.twitter.com/r915xH5wCn

6. How to text in Canada:

EL MEJOR INVENTO DEL MUNDO. pic.twitter.com/O2N8iYmp48

7. Natural minibar:

8. A legitimate reason to be late for work:

9. When you roll the window down for one second:

10. Is it for the beavers or from the beavers — the answer remains a mystery:

11. Everyone plays ice hockey in Canada — even Santa:

12. Shoveling snow in a sleeveless shirt — why not?

13. No need for fast cars to chase the bad guys — they don’t survive in Canada:

14. Modesty is a sign of a true Canadian:

15. Instead of snowshoes:

16. A bit of snow won’t let a Canadian back down on plans:

17. Ice hockey is everything:

18. Ketchup flavored chips? Really?

19. Drive-through or Ride-through?

20. No comment necessary:

21. Is this where the ’trend’ originated?

22. Four cappuccinos, please!

23. No awkward taxi coversation to worry about:

24. Perfect weather for a motorbike ride if you are in Canada:

25. Snow shouldn’t get in the way of your weekly swim:

26. Run, Forrest, run!

27. You must be in Canada if you have to wear snowshoes to get to your mailbox:

28. Why Canadians buy pickup trucks:

29. Only in Canada can ice hockey and a wedding be combined:

30. What every Canadian teenager dreams of:

31. The irony of frozen water blocking a fire exit:

Canada looks like an amazing place! If we left something out, please share it with us in the comments below. Share this post with your friends to show them just how fantastic Canada is!

Preview photo credit KulfgarTheViking / imgur


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