25 Animals We Are Crowning “Photobomb Champions”

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The official definition of photobombing is the accidental or purposeful act of putting oneself into the view of a photograph, often as a practical joke. If it’s true, then animals are suspiciously good at accidents or are hiding the fact that they love to play jokes on humans.

Bright Side found some proof that animals are the best at photobombing humans. Which one of these animals do you think photobombed the shot on purpose?

25. Stop. This. Wedding!

24. Did you say cheese?

23. Life with siblings be like:

22. The origins of the duck face selfie

21. If I were that dog, I would watch my back…

20. Humans everywhere. This beach has gone seriously downhill lately…

19. Let me show you what a real toothy smile is!

18. Wassup guys?!

17. Hey, girls! Wanna boogie?

16. Let me show you my favorite pose: reclining cat. I’m just so good at it!

15. You talking about me?

14. Hey, dude! A shark is coming! You’d better move!

13. When the love of your life is marrying somebody else and you are there to watch it:

12. Got you!

11. Who threw a kangaroo again?

10. “It wasn’t me.” “It wasn’t you what?” “No, nothing…”

9. Luckily, you only got photobombed… Pigeons are known for other kinds of bombs…

8. Just a purrrfect family shot!

7. Oh, hello! Are you filming Finding Nemo? Can I audition?

6. The cat’s moonwalk is stealing the show!

5. These guys are technically photobombing the dog.

4. Heads up, baby, heads up…

3. Uff, these tourists again!

2. Here are my thoughts on marriage….

1. If you’re going to photobomb, do it with a big old smile on your face!

Have you ever been photobombed? Share your pictures in the comments.

Preview photo credit Unknown/Imgur, ThatsJustYourOpinionMan/Imgur


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