15 Pics Proving That the Wind Has a Sense of Humor

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Nothing can be as joyful as the wind on a hot, sunny day — a little breeze, playfully stroking your hair. A “wind of change” is the promise of a new future. But the wind can also be a big kidder sometimes. Just look at these 15 examples of the wind messing with people that Bright Side collected for you.

15. Not pregnant! Just the wind joking around.

14. “Here, take a helmet, friend.”

13. Not even the Pope is immune.

12. A little more than they bargained for!

11. The wind helped a fountain to fountain.

10. Wind + rain + bicycle

9. New breed — the “fluffed-up Pomeranian”

8. Fake lawn. Real wind.

7. “But I swear I parked properly!”

6. The wind is in on canceling school today.

5. This trampoline dreams of being a UFO.

4. A strong wind or lazy builders?

3. Who needs to paraglide when you have a jacket?

2. Those short skirt accidents!

1. Mass umbrella destruction

Who are we to fight with nature, especially considering how hilarious it can be at times? Do you know any situations when it was? Please share them with us in the comments. We would love to know!

Preview photo credit DonnaLikeAClonna/imgur, 57uje5u/imgur


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