29 Winter Photos That Can Make Anyone Freeze

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While some people adore snow and winter sports, others believe that the best thing about winter is that sooner or later, it ends. But no matter which outlook one has, no one is exempt from having to endure the occasional inconvenience that cold weather brings.

Bright Side found 29 photos that anyone who has lived in harsh winter conditions will understand. At the end of this article, there is a bonus that will remind you that snow won’t shovel itself!

“My daughter sledding for the first time.”

“My mom took this photo today. It’s a deer slipping on ice.”

Why cancel the game because of a tiny snowfall?

“Persuaded my husband to go out wearing a costume of Death. The neighbors did not appreciate the humor.”

A natural “frosty” look:

“There is no point waiting for a tram today. Well, it seems I’ll just skate to work today.”

The street lamp froze but still continues to shine:

“My friend’s cat saw snow for the first time today.”

A cat wanted to go outside but quickly changed his mind:

Winter came so unexpectedly. The cat is shocked:

“Sled,” they said. “It will be fun,” they said.

“I spilled my coffee! Good thing it didn’t break!”

“I drilled a hole in the ice and returned 15 minutes later.”

This is not quite how I pictured the throne of the Snow Queen…

Moscow. December. Minibus.

“Why are you staring at me, man? Come on, help me!”

“My husband went for a walk with our child…”

“We saw it while we were waiting for my friend’s wife in his car.”

“My garage is on the right side.”

Never forget to close your car windows…

It’s important to raise the wipers so that they don’t stick to the windshield.

We just hope he dug out the right car…

“It seems I did something bad to nature and now it is seeking revenge. How else can you explain horizontal icicles?”

“I am not prepared for this.”

The thermometer is done.

A walk through the yard…

And only Yakut children continue to swing as if −49°F is as normal as ever.

It doesn’t matter if I walk to work or from work — it’s dark both in the morning and in the evening.

Frozen to the ground:

Bonus: A train arrives at the snow-covered platform in New York:

Do you have any photos capturing the beauty of the coldest season? Please share your funny and beautiful photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit powderider, argyleassassin


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