26 Companies That Paid Their Designer and Didn’t Regret It

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It’s not so easy to be a designer. You always have to create something new and unusual for people who are rather experienced in such things, and it’s almost impossible to surprise them. But there are still some ideas that will definitely excite you.

Bright Side gathered the best examples of designers’ works that won’t go unnoticed.

26. The butcher shop door handle

25. This juice pack consists of “slices.”

24. The world’s oldest working McDonald’s — and it’s the only one with the original design.

23. When even a barcode is creative:

22. If you enter such a cinema hall, you’ll forget the movie you were about to watch.

21. An unusual decision. But it’s still cool.

20. IKEA invites female readers to learn whether they’re pregnant or not. If they are, they’re offered big discounts to buy items for their babies.

19. And they want you to try this.

18. Cool ads from a company called Stopache.

17. Is this mat as smooth as Pepperidge Farm bread?

16. Extraordinary advertising for Dulcolax laxatives

15. “You’ve never been so close to a tiger.”

14. “Save pillars. The parking sensor of Fiat Stilo automobiles.”

13. Here’s creative advertising you won’t miss.

12. This newspaper knows how to make you love reading.

11. A creative way to make you think twice!

10. Trampled Peugeot logo

9. Coca-Cola is able to attract you.

8. Everyone will notice such ads.

7. But it looks so real!

6. Amazon knows how to draw your attention.

5. Spark decided to pick the right ads.

4. One huge Moser Baer flash drive!

3. Trust Guinness.

2. I want to have such “toys” too.

1. When you have a really long trip:

And have you also seen any unusual designers’ works? Share with us in the comments!

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