A Photographer Created a Reshoot of Ads From the 1950s to Show How the World Has Changed

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One Thanksgiving evening, 31-year-old photographer Eli Rezkallah from Lebanon was sitting at the table when he heard his relatives saying women had to perform their women’s duties better, such as laundry and cooking. It inspired Eli to organize a reshoot of old ads of the 1940s, the 1950s, and the 1960s where he switched the roles of the men and the women. Eli says, “I know that not all men think like my relatives do, but I was surprised that such views still exist. That’s why I created this project where they can taste their own sexist poison.”

Bright Side wants to show you a series of In a Parallel Universe photos that demonstrate the changes that occurred in society during the last half of the century. We hope that Eli’s art will be a reason to bury the stereotype that women have to do all of the house chores on their own.

Van Heusen ties

Chase and Sanborn coffee, the 1950s

Schlitz beer

Hardee’s fast food restaurant chain

Mr. Leggs pants,1962

Chemstrand Nylon tights, the 1940s

Lux detergent, 1956

Hoover vacuum cleaners, the 1950s

Alcoa Aluminum ketchup, the 1950s

Eli Rezkallah began to work as a fashion photographer when he was 16 years old. Later, he became a creative director of fashion shows. Today, he earns money taking pictures and managing the Plastik Magazine.

Eli did really great work. He addressed a problem that sometimes still appears on the surface even nowadays. Do you agree that we shouldn’t keep silent when it comes to such a sensitive subject? Share your opinion.

Preview photo credit Eli Rezkallah/Facebook


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