23 Photos Where No One Knows What’s Going On

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Some photos are created to surprise and amaze viewers and there are many such photos on the internet. Sometimes even after staring at a certain photo for a while, you still can’t really understand exactly what’s going on. But these types of “mind tricks” are actually very good exercises for your brain!

Bright Side collected 23 photos where what you see is not what you get.

“Beautiful lady, I couldn’t help but notice you looking my way. Would you like to get a cup of… Oh, whoops.”

“My friend posted this on her Facebook live feed. Scared me at first.”

“My whole life was a lie.”

I’m guessing this is a good way to stop a draft..?

“It seems as if I am standing on a piece of raw meat.”

Oh, no! A toy helicopter is trying to steal this boy!

“I accidentally overexposed this photo of a tower and it came out looking like an alien abduction.”

At this hockey match, one sector decided to root for the referees.

This burnt pallet looks as if sparrows came to admire the bonfire.

So many questions. So few answers.

“My lamp is projecting its own light bulb.”

It seems somebody was extremely bored:

“It looks like a cartoon bomb blew up in this cat’s face.”

“I took a photo of what looks like a screenshot of a computer game.”

Good disguise:

Somebody built a tower out of pianos at the beach. Well, why not?

A man with 2 dogs in his pockets is walking a duck in boots.

It’s possible to meet anyone in the subway. Like a girl riding a dinosaur, for example.

“This photo of my son looks like a horror movie poster.”

A photo with a secret…

Strong and independent women always carry wrenches in their bags.

Nothing unusual, just some deer who came to the store to buy some things.

Caterpillar and his friend are tired. They are going home.

“We’ve been lied to our whole lives.”

Do you have any interesting photos in your collection? Share with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Stroke56/imgur, migggga/reddit


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