26 Photos That Will Trick Anyone’s Eyes in a Surprising Way

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It’s pretty interesting when something shows its meaning gradually. When you look at these pictures, you may not be able to recognize exactly what they mean right away.

Bright Side offers a chance to test your observational skills and try to guess what’s going on in these pictures.

26. This is not a cigarette in an ashtray.

25. Did you think it was a dog sleeping by a chair? You’re wrong.

my mother was giggling at this and told me to "take a look at that adorable dachshund, he's sleeping", she was looking at a purse: pic.twitter.com/ZyNKaLMxKI

24. “My friend holding an ice circle over the sun.”

23. It is a “floating” layer of ice.

22. He’s got very thin legs!

21. I thought I found a banana on the street.

21. Perfect timing

20. Don’t bring this to the cat’s owner:

19. “This fungus looks like a perfectly toasted marshmallow with some nice chocolate stuff in the middle.”

18. “My hairless guinea pig totally looks like an eggplant.”

17. This is not a fried egg.

16. This tree looks like broccoli:

15. “When I look at this case, I start to feel hungry.”

14. We’re guessing SpongBob SquarePants isn’t too far from this “pineapple.”

13. “The snow on this patio table looks like a pastry pie.”

12. When you really love the sea:

11. “This mushroom looks like it’s right out of Willy Wonka’s chocolate room.”

10. Aren’t these bananas?

9. This soap is not for vegetarians.

8. “I had to look at this photo twice to understand what’s going on here.”

7. Aww, what a cute cat!

6. Alien horse?

5. Is he flying or sliding?

4. I can’t trust my eyes.

3. “Due to the chair’s leg and this guy’s posture, it looks like he’s wearing high heels.”

2. Here’s a new breed: a deer-parrot.

1. This carpet looks like a crowd at a rock concert:

Were you surprised at first glace? Share your thoughts about these pictures in the comments!

Preview photo credit dumb_hannah / twitter


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