19 Photos You’d Better Look at Twice or Even 3 Times

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Some photos require a second glace just because it truly is impossible to understand what’s going on right away.

Bright Side gathered 19 pictures you should look at twice. Otherwise, you may not be able to see what’s really in the photo.

Mixed up

When you notice your cat and get scared because you think that he fell and died. But he’s just chilling.

Siamese twins?

It’s not that dangerous if you look at this picture twice:

It seems that she’s just skating…

White or blue window blind?

You’d better call an exorcist.

A dog looking through the portal

“Friend posted this. Scared me at first.”

“Who knew camouflage was good for playing pool.”


The clouds seem to be the raging ocean.

A puppy with a bone in his mouth looks as if someone said something shocking.


These waves look like mountains:

This dog seems to have 6 legs:

These guys look like painted Easter Island statues:

This hole looks like a sleeping bear:

Fire-breathing Alpaca

Do you have any confusing photos? Share them with us — let’s enlarge our collection!

Preview photo credit DrForester/imgur, Iamthatdamngood/imgur


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