28 Photos Showing How the World Has Changed

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Despite the harsh times the previous generations lived in, kids were just kids anyway. They had their own joy, dreams, and their own idea of a happy future. Times change, and it becomes difficult to explain to modern kids what the world was like in the past.

Bright Side gathered 28 kids’ photos who are already parents and even grandparents. We invite you to plunge into the world that is so close yet so far away now.

28. Everyone who had a TV switched it on only according to the programming schedule.

A small boy in front of TV, 1966

27. Famous people were very talented and beautiful. That generation had true idols.

A boy kissing Sophia Loren and giving her flowers, 1957

26. They were role models for kids.

25. Calling mom at work was a challenging journey.

Two boys at payphone, 1961

24. These kids grew up really fast.

A crossing guard, 1950

23. And they dreamed about great things.

A student at school for the sons of sailors, 1959

22. But everyone adored toys.

21. And everyone was an Indian.

20. They loved animals and treated them as friends.

19. Because friendship was really significant.

18. They cared about their friends a lot.

17. No one wanted to stay inside.

16. That’s why there were lots of kids to play with.

15. Giving presents to parents was very exciting.

Mother’s Day, 1966

14. Each gift was made with incredible love.

13. Apparently, they loved winter more than we do now.

12. They waited for holidays to come.

Christmas preparation, 1942

11. Because they believed in magic.

Christmas, 1957.

10. Each autumn was accompanied by ships.

9. And their summer was a bit different.

Kids learning to build a fire, 1960

8. Swimming until you got really cold.

Swimming lessons, 1955

7. Taking part in watermelon eating contests

Watermelon eating contest, 1949

6. What’s a childhood without fishing?

5. Moms also liked it.

Mother and daughter fishing, 1962

4. They even had their own games that modern kids don’t know about.

Young boy playing marbles, 1961

3. There were games that made kids be active, be able to construct things, and be team players.

2. They also had a lot of fun.

Missing Attachment

Children play in the spray of a fire hydrant, 1950

1. Childhood in the past looked like this:

Bonus: Fashion has changed a bit as well.

What do you think about and what do you feel when you look through these old pictures? Share in the comments!

Preview photo credit imgur/ ThePMario


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