10 Popular Clothing Mistakes That Many Men Know Nothing About

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Men’s fashion is a tricky thing. You may think it’s quite simple to dress like a man, but there are numerous subtle details one needs to know in order to be stylish and attractive without overdoing it — just one button on a jacket can spoil the whole look! If you don’t want to fall victim to these fashion faux pas, arm yourself with knowledge.

Bright Side has collected 10 clothing tricks that men are doing wrong. Check them out so you can be sure you’re dressing right and looking great.

1. Sleeves that cover the wristwatch

If you like wearing a wristwatch, it is better to roll up your sleeves. First of all, it will be easier for you to glance at the time. Secondly, the watch can form a “slide” under the fabric of the sleeve which is ugly.

2. Prints on T-shirts

Opt for a plain T-shirt, especially if you’re going to put on a jacket over it. Prints are just a trend of fashion, which, as you know, are likely to change. Think about how James Dean used to dress. Dean’s style always looked classic and noble. It is better to spend money on a white T-shirt and jeans with a good cut than to chase fashionable prints that will go out of style. It’s no wonder Lana Del Rey sings, “Blue jeans, a white shirt” in her hit song.

3. Long T-shirt sleeves

T-shirts with sleeves that almost reach the elbow are a bad look even for rap singers. Clothes should decorate you and be flattering. Next time you go shopping, choose a T-shirt with sleeves that are no lower than the middle of the forearm. Shorter sleeves will advantageously emphasize the proportions of your arms. Conversely, long sleeves will hide all your muscles and only extend your arms.

4. Wearing a belt and suspenders at the same time

Belts and braces are worn separately and not together. After all, both accessories are designed to keep your pants up. Don’t overdo it with details.

5. Wrinkled clothing

Indeed, ironing is not a pleasant chore, but it’s a priority if you want to look neat and tidy. Wrinkled clothing looks sloppy and can ruin your confidence. Whether you like it or not, some types of clothing deem ironing inevitable, as is true with most shirts.

6. The wrong suit size

If you`re buying a suit, it would be a good idea to pay a visit to a tailor. Your suit should effortlessly fit your body without hanging on it or fitting so tightly that you’re bulging out of it.

7. Buttoned-up jacket

Buttoning up a suit jacket is only allowed if you have a jacket with one button, a uniform or if you’re given a state award. In any other cases, keep the lower button unbuttoned. Don’t forget to unbutton all the buttons when you sit down.

8. Tucking in your shirt

Some men still wear shirts, straightening them over their pants, jeans, shorts, etc. It doesn’t matter what color the shirt is, its pattern, or whether or not it has long or short sleeves — if you’re not a 13-year-old, the shirt should be tucked under the belt.

9. Stuffed pockets

There’s nothing worse than watching a gorgeous, elegant outfit get spoiled by a massive bulge. As a rule, men typically carry keys, a mobile phone, and a wallet in their pockets which are necessary to have on them during the day. In the event that the inner pocket of your jacket has no place for these items, put your keys on a “diet” by taking the necessary key of its chain, and go with credit cards instead of a wallet.

10. Wearing only black suits everyday

Black suits should only be worn daily by priests, undertakers, and funeral attendees. Experiment with blue jackets and salmon colored trousers — they’re stylish! Allow yourself to play with new and different colors. However, remember to never buy a suit made of shiny fabric.

What style trick did you like the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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