21 Pictures Only People With a Vivid Imagination Will Understand

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Sometimes when we look at pictures, we don’t understand the main idea that an artist or photographer wants to convey. Today we’re going to show you a compilation of photos that have really weird scenarios. Maybe you’ll be able to understand and explain their meaning to us?

Bright Side shares some pictures that depict very strange events. There’s also a bonus in the end: sometimes cartoons suffer too.

21. Some magic on the subway

20. No one shall pass.

19. The king of macaroni fashion

18. “I made a wedding dress out of burrito wrappers.”

17. Where does this door lead?

16. The cutest Cerberus ever

15. The most awkward Photoshop award winner

14. I’ll never forget this smile.

13. What can you say about this?

12. This makes me nervous.

11. A mu-tent of a new generation

10. When you’re smarter than the engineers:

9. The theorem is proved.

8. When you can type with your eyes closed:

7. The model is going to be disappointed.

6. Something’s off, no?

5. “Mighty Warrior of the Twin Disks.”

4. When you’ve finally discovered your superpower:

3. The craziest roller coaster ever

2. Someone’s praying to Mr. Potato Head. Nothing special.

1. That feeling that you can take any seat you want.

Bonus: just imaging that someone’s sitting at home and suddenly thinks, “Hey, what would Zeus look like without his hair and beard?”

Have you ever witnessed such unusual moments? Share your pictures in the comments!

Preview photo credit ifitbleedswecankillit/ imgur


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