4 Mind-Bending Riddles You Don’t Need to Be a Genius to Figure Out

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It’s not just your body that needs exercise in order to function properly — your brain needs regular workouts, as well! Riddles are a great way to give your brain some exercise off the beaten path. Let your brain have some fun while you figure out riddles about cats, houses, and so on!

Bright Side has 4 riddles for you to solve. Grab a pen, a piece of paper and let’s get started!


There are 6 buildings in the street: a pastry shop, a pet shop, a tattoo parlor, a toy store, a tailor shop, and a beauty shop. A construction worker has to repair all of the buildings within one week. But the working plan has been lost. And now you have to use your logic so as to know the location of the houses in the street and remember which one should be the first. We can rely on things that the worker still remembers:

How are the buildings located and which one should be restored first?


There are 20 cats of different colors with different features on the farm. In the picture, you can see intersecting areas that include all local cats. The number of cats is marked with numbers. Using the picture, find out how many cats match each description:


Mary and Ben lived with their 4 friends. One day, Ben came home and found Mary dead on a sofa. The detective arrived and interrogated all 4 neighbors:

Mia was in the kitchen for 2 hours.

Jane was painting in her room.

Jennifer was swimming in a pool for 3 hours.

John was reading a book.

The detective asked everyone to show him their hands and found out who lied to him. How did he figure it out?


There are 12 cards face down on the table. You have to find out the suit and the number of each card without flipping them over. Besides, there are several rules:

Find the answers under this arrow:


Solution: According to the riddle, the tailor shop is the last in the street (the sixth one). There are 3 houses between the tailor shop and the pastry shop and 2 buildings between the tailor shop and the beauty shop. It means that the pastry shop is the second one, the beauty shop is the third. There are 2 houses between the toy shop and the tattoo parlor. It means that they can be either the first or the second building. Then the pet shop is the fifth. We know that the toy shop is between 2 buildings. It means that it’s the fourth, the tattoo parlor is the first. The order in the street is the following:

The tattoo parlor, the pastry shop, the beauty shop, the toy store, the pet shop, the tailor shop.

As the toy store is located near the house that should be restored first (taking into consideration the fact that it’s not the pet shop):

the beauty shop is to be repaired first.


Out of 20 cats, there are:


If Jennifer had been in a swimming pool for so long, the skin of her palms would have been wrinkled.


If you keep all described conditions in mind, you’ll get such result when you put all cards face up:

How did you do? Share your favorite riddles in the comments below!

Illustrated by Daniil Shubin for BrightSide.me