24 Photos That Can Move Anyone Out of Their Comfort Zone

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Dr. Val Curtis from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, suggests that feeling disgust is healthy and even good for us. Maybe this is why we are so drawn to cringe-worthy pictures on the internet — and the ones on this list take the cake.

At Bright Side, we love pleasant things as much as the next guy, but sometimes we like to shake things up a little.

“My cousin has an orange tree, but this one came out different.”

“I would’ve thrown my phone away and moved out.”

Fam. ? I would've thrown my phone away and moved out ? pic.twitter.com/PwROO2gh7j

“Looks like I’m not going home…”

“Ok, I’ll just get cavities.”

“So this happened to me today…”

Can you see whats wrong with that grab?

“I wouldn’t want my kid in this marching band…”

“Saw this cutie at the vet today!”

“Just fueling up my two tanks.”

It was a bit chilly in the bathroom.


Take a second look…

Haute couture-puss

“I don’t remember Santa looking like that…”

Crazy squirrel taxidermy

He’s ready for the ride of his life.

“Exactly what I wanted my hair to smell like…”

A pimped ride

Where’s the rest of the building?

“Doing some work at a mansion and these are the hot/cold knobs in one of the bathrooms. These things are terrifying.”

An interesting new flavor

Transparent lip plates in Portland

Just keep it classy.

Free ride, anyone?

Which one of these photos was the most cringe-worthy? Do you have a picture of your own that you wouldn’t mind sharing with the class? Please do, we love hearing from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit slight/reddit, Samwiseii/reddit


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