19 Photos That Can Make Anyone Feel Uncomfortable

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’Is perfectionism a gift or a curse?’ could be the title of a new world bestseller and the lines to get it would be longer than those for a new iPhone. It just so happens that the number of people yearning for perfection has increased greatly within the several past years but still aren’t outnumbered by the number of things that bring small but nerve-touching chaos to this world.

Bright Side collected 19 annoying photos that will make even an early-stage perfectionist lose their mind.

19. You can even hear the tape laughing at you.

18. Why does it always finish so suddenly?

17. It’s painful to look at.

16. “My coworker returned the front desk stapler like this. Told me it ran out of staples.”

15. Eternal problem

14. Who created these kind of lids on bottles?

13. Don’t you get frightened looking at this?

12. Plastic with another ton of plastic in it. Isn’t this too much?

11. Just imagine that these are someone’s desks.

10. The road leading to somewhere…

9. Milk with ice cubes. Wanna try it?

8. That piece of dust that stayed under the protection glass

7. Our whole district dislikes this neighbor.

6. Do they really think that we won’t notice the difference?

5. How did they manage to cut the pizza this way?

4. An elevator that will drive you crazy.

3. The puzzle isn’t finished. How will we live with this?

2. Stop the madness!

1. During an important interview:

Which photo made you feel the most uncomfortable? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit markymarktwain/imgur, fooyoh


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