Guys Trolling Girly Pics Is a Trend on Instagram That Totally Had Us in Stitches

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If you are an Instagram user, you’ve most likely seen some cliché photos with girls posing for bathroom selfies, flipping their hair in the sea, or doing yoga poses in random places. Recently some guys started a new trend by making pics where they are acting like these girls and the photos are absolutely hilarious.

We at Bright Side are always in the mood for a good laugh and selected a few pictures, which are so ridiculous and funny that it will surely make you giggle.

1. Living well isn’t against the law.

2. Um hello, what do you think I’m doing?

3. Lips supposed to look like…

4. Look here if you don’t know how to celebrate International Unicorn Day.

5. I’m not showing off, I’m just soooooo flexible.

6. There’s always one in the family…

7. The bachelorette party is on.

8. You’ve been warned. Our gang is on the way.

9. “Just act natural.” Me:

10. Ahhh, I love nature so much.

11. Almost ready

12. It was such a hard day.

13. Had such a blast on our Halloweekend bachelorette party!

14. Sexy bathroom selfie

15. I share everything with my bestie.

16. Weekend away with my besties

17. I am a merman.

18. It’s not about my Audi, I just got my nails done.

19. I am on vacation and I urgently need a new profile picture.

20. Have a drink and send yourself a present.

21. I do yoga wherever I get the chance.

22. 2 weeks ’til my due date!

23. Multiple choice… It’s so hard.

24. Yeah, the book says it all.

25. Pink has always been my color.

26. That is just wrong.

27. Fridaaaay

28. You wish you still had this.

Do you have photos that would fit into this selection? Share them with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit pistolio / imgur, meow-bark / Reddit


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