26 Unique Things That Are Worth Seeing at Least Once in a Lifetime

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Every day we learn and see something amazing. For example, you’re buying groceries and see heart-shaped marks on apples, or you’re walking in the forest and see a fallen tree with 3 young trees growing out of it. Do you want to know what a sandstorm looks like when seen from a plane?

Bright Side gathered 26 unusual things that would amaze even total brainiacs. At the end of the article, you’ll see thousands of curious doodles that make up one wonderful piece of art.

26. A baby blue marlin

25. This apartment complex pool has a wheelchair access.

24. Jewel caterpillar

23. This lumber storage is a real work of art.

22. A gecko’s foot viewed from below

21. “This small-town street sign points to the direction that each person in town lives.”

20. “A water current directing drain on a steep slope in Taiwan.”

19. This tree survived the Hiroshima attack.

18. A forbidden fishing village in China

17. “The path my cat takes across the lawn everyday”

16. This fallen tree kept growing in 4 spots.

15. The table and chairs at my friend’s house look like they’re made of paper.

14. Looks like this tree swallowed a huge ring.

13. This is a circular ping-pong table.

12. An anteater uses his tail as a blanket.

11. A sandstorm is trying to catch a plane.

10. These apples have heart-shaped marks on them.

9. Use a torch to make your floor look fancier.

8. Looks like this dog is looking up from a black hole.

7. Coquina clams are rising to the surface.

6. A 150-year-old prosthesis

5. A flower-shaped marshmallow

4. The Royal Ontario Museum, located in the city of Toronto, looks like a game glitch.

3. This is how they make ball-shaped bushes.

2. The stairs at Balamand University, Lebanon

1. A Dalmatian horse

Bonus: Just imagine how patient you have to be to doodle everything, and how satisfied you’d feel when you’re done.

Have you seen anything that amazed you? Share your photos with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit © ooMEAToo / reddit


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