7 People Who Got Out of Their Comfort Zone and Won

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Why would someone paint their whole body gold or get naked in front of a classroom full of students? It may not make sense to us, but these actions had a pretty deep meaning. Those who had the courage to do these seemingly strange things inspired others to use an original approach to solve their problems. We’re sure that these stories will impress you.

Bright Side gathered a list of some inspiring people who changed their lives for the better.

7. A British woman painted herself gold to get a job. She got it.

Jade Delaney graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in advertising and really wanted to get a job at the McCann agency in Bristol, Great Britain. To stand out from a large number of applicants, Jade transformed herself into “Fearless Girl.” The sculpture was installed in front of the Charging Bull in New York City and it’s the most famous project of the McCann agency. The woman painted her whole body gold and spent several hours standing in front of the agency’s office. The company’s management was impressed by her determination and gave her a chance.

6. During her report, a student took off her clothes in response to a comment by a professor that her shorts were too revealing.

Letitia Chai, a student at Cornell University, was just about to begin her presentation when a professor pointed out that her shorts were too short and not appropriate for public speaking. Letitia was hurt by that and could barely hold back her tears. However, she continued her presentation while at the same time taking off her clothes. When in her underwear, she said that her clothes could never influence her knowledge. “I am more than a woman. I am more than Letitia Chai. I am a human being.” A video recording of her presentation was leaked online and the professor had to apologize.

5. A man finished college without his family knowing.

Hanss Mujica from Texas dropped out of university due to his bad grades. His family was really upset and disappointed. So he got an extra job and managed to save enough money to continue his education. Then he received a grant. For 6 years, he kept his studying a secret. After the graduation, he made a big surprise for his parents and shared the news on his Facebook account. Needless to say, the parents were shocked and cried tears of joy.

4. A woman in a wheelchair proved that her disability won’t stop her from being cute and sexy. A lot of people followed her example.

LRT: "Nothing sadder than a #HotPersonInAWheelchair"Cry about it, babe. pic.twitter.com/tOImQy8oFY

Blogger Annie Segarra stands up for the rights of people with disabilities. When an internet user posted a tweet, “Nothing sadder than a hot person in a wheelchair,” she responded with the photo above and a caption “Cry about it, babe.” Her tweet started a flash mob called #hotpersoninawheelchair; many people with disabilities started posting their photos using this hashtag. They all look great, happy, fancy, and attractive — it proves that many boundaries exist only in our minds.

3. A woman showed her post-baby belly to support other mothers.

Millie Bartlett is a mother of twins, a runner, and a fitness enthusiast. Along with dozens of other women, she posted a photo of her toned slim body using a hashtag #takebackpostpartum. However, there’s an exception — her belly is quite saggy. In her caption under the photo, she wrote, “The first year after having my twins, I lost 60 lb but I was mortified by the stretch marks on my stomach and the flabbiness of the skin. Although I do workouts every day, my poor belly will likely never be the same, and today I am okay with that.” Hundreds of women use #takebackpostpartum on Instagram to share honest photos of their post-baby bodies and tell their stories about what they had to go through.

2. After an accident, a man was told that he won’t be able to walk again. He promised himself to get well and climb 7 mountains. He did it.

In 2014, Steve Plain broke his back. Doctors said there was a high risk of permanent spinal paralysis. While in the hospital, Steve promised himself to get well and climb 7 famous mountain peaks. In 4 years, he set the record — in just 117 days, he climbed the highest peaks of all the continents, including Mount Vinson in Antarctica and Mount Everest.

1. A woman quit drinking and started living a healthy life. Now, she’s a model and a famous fitness blogger.

Jelly Devote was fond of eating unhealthy food and drinking alcohol in her 20s. The extra weight and frequent hangovers led her to want to change her lifestyle. Healthy food, regular exercise, and quitting alcohol helped her lose a lot of weight and made her a totally different person. Now, she’s a model and a fitness blogger. She has 582,000 followers on her Instagram account; she gives advice on losing weight and healthy dieting, and encourages self-love and self-respect. But she can still have a glass of wine or eat a donut because some treats just can’t be denied!

Have you ever done something that inspired other people? Share your stories with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Millie Bartlett/Instagram