We Can’t Find Heads or Tails of These Bizarre Situations. How About You?

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There has been a lot of scientific research that has proven that laughter positively influences our health and emotional state. In the near future doctors might recommend that their patients laugh 15 to 20 minutes per day instead of taking pills. But why wait to start this? Take a therapeutic dose of laughter right now with this collection of hilarious photos.

We all do stupid things and sometimes we can’t even figure out what the reason was for our crazy actions.

Here at Bright Side we have collected 28 bizarre pictures that definitely have a good story behind them.

1. Safety is my middle name.

2. When you have a vague idea of the tattoo you want:

3. Oh, my.

4. You are welcome.

5. Getting this tattoo was probably not the best “dicision.”

6. “Fans installed, boss.”

7. I hope Spaghetti likes the color.

8. When the manufacturer worries about your cholesterol level:

9. They found the least suitable place for a portrait.

10. There’s definitely a story behind this.

11. Is this a new water saving technology?

12. How are they supposed to be watched?

13. Do they teach this parking method at driving schools?

14. How elegant

15. When you wear a green dress and have to stand in front of a green screen:

16. The weather must have been really hot that day.

17. They must have been playing charades and this person had to be an ostrich…

18. Danger eliminated

19. This looks really dramatic.

20. Safety discrimination

21. “So much stupid in one shot.”

22. When knowing grammar is important:

23. “Darwin award goes to…”

24. Don’t tell me how to live my life.

25. “In case of fire admire fire hose.”

26. Now it’s safe.

27. On a shoestring. Literally.

28. Our privacy policy has been updated.

Which of these pictures made you laugh? Share your own funny pictures in the comments!

Preview photo credit macsimilian/Reddit